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Short term cover long term relationship.

Short term or single trip cover has long been the favourite of families, but the growing requests for HGV short term cover has opened up a new market for National Breakdown. Their latest reporting shows a marked increase in requests for short term policies under 30 days for vehicles between 7.5 and 44T. National Breakdown extended this cover earlier this year for vehicles up to 44T and the demand is growing. The claim rate for this type of cover is relatively low compared to an Annual policy, however the costs are much higher and the incidents of breakdown are significantly higher in 7.5T hired vehicles. Despite this, the cost of a short term policy starts from only £22 for a 1 day trip to £101.25 for a 31 day trip.


Recognising the potential for this type of Policy - Truck Assist with National Breakdown is developing the ability to sell this via it's web Interface. The relationship between the Companies is stronger than ever with further discussions and product developments on their way. It is hoped that the Short term breakdown will be available for brokers before the year is out.


For more information, to schedule an interview or photo opportunity,
Please contact Ian on cs@nationalbreakdown.com

Truck Assist gets the show on the road

After launching its new Insured breakdown cover for HGV’s, Truck assist unveil their latest innovation offering broker’s unrivalled delivery of commercial breakdown products – direct to their desktop.

With the drive towards web-based solutions gathering pace, the timely launch of a Web Interface by Truck Assist, offers an anytime, anywhere solution for brokers. The Interface allows affiliated brokers to add, renew and amend members’ policies and ultimately manage all aspects of their customer’s breakdown cover via their personalised portal.

“We developed the web interface to help the broker simplify the process of buying commercial breakdown cover and take ownership of the product. Whether it is to be a mandatory inclusion into an existing insurance package or a voluntary addition, our web interface offers an automated process based on existing Industry protocols.”
Ian Roper, MD, Truck Assist

The decision to develop a web-based solution was driven by brokers themselves. With increasing customer demand for new products and better customer care, adding value for the broker has resulted in adding value for their customers. This time saving, flexible web Interface utilises all the benefits of technology whilst allowing the Broker to concentrate their time on the customer.

“We have developed the broker programme to be as flexible as possible with an efficient reporting system and the opportunity to earn generous commissions. The web Interface simply takes that programme one step further by eliminating the hassle of creating and maintaining paperwork and allowing the brokers to concentrate on their customers.”
Ian Roper, MD, Truck Assist

The Web Interface has been launched for Affiliated Brokers wishing to sell Insured Breakdown Cover for HGV’s up to 44 tonnes for UK & Europe. Access to a testing site can be requested by contacting Truck Assist

Truckers on the Road to Recovery

In a market where truck owners struggle to buy insured breakdown protection and costs of recovery are rising, Truck Assist Ltd launches their unique Annual Insured Breakdown Scheme.

The Announcement of a new Annual insured breakdown service for trucks not only flies in the face of conventional HGV ‘Pay-on-Use’ schemes but offers Insurers and brokers the opportunity to add a unique selling proposition to existing insurance packages. With the cost of owning a commercial vehicle rising steeply in the UK, an Insured Breakdown Policy could not only reduce some of the financial burden for Truck owners but offer brokers and insurers and added value incentive for their clients.

“The membership Scheme we are offering is a welcome step forward for the Truck Industry. The pressures of keeping your vehicle moving and your load safe are exacerbated in the event of a breakdown and the cost of ‘Pay on Use’ Schemes can very quickly spiral out of control when the owner is under pressure to get moving again. It has taken a while to bring this Scheme to market but we believe it is a timely service backed by a considerable network of mechanics and recovery agents.”
Ian Roper, MD, Truck Assist

Truck Assist in partnership with National Breakdown have made the decision to launch into the truck market and expand their current provision which resurrects a Scheme that is designed for the industry, by people in the Industry. The Scheme, underwritten by UKU on behalf of AXA gives the policy holder the choice of 5 levels of Nationwide cover with the choice of a extending the provision to Europe.

“We have developed the broker programme to be as flexible as possible with an efficient reporting system and the opportunity to earn generous commissions.”
Ian Roper, MD, Truck Assist Ltd.

The Service has been launched for HGV’s up to 44 tonnes for UK & Europe including Single Trip cover and is accessible Direct to customers via www.nationalbreakdown.com and for brokers/insurers at www.truckassist.co.uk
For more information, to schedule an interview or photo opportunity,
Please contact Ian on cs@nationalbreakdown.com